About us

Welcome to Aibi technologies. LLC for Innovative Product Development.

AiBi Technologies LLC is here with the mission to provide the products and services, which would touch every living being directly or indirectly in a positive manner. Our portfolio of brands and products under development include Unique Camera AppSportsVending, and a few more

We currently have offices in Aurora, IL. The USA, and planning to grow one more development office in India. We have filed for different patents as we see significant uniqueness and prospects in our products. We also don’t want to sit on these innovative ideas but rather create, develop and serve the community.

Leadership for AiBi, where we make innovative product development fun and passion.

Nishant Shah (CEO, President)

Nishant is President. and CEO of AiBi Technologies LLC. He is providing innovative  Product Development  ideas. And pushing ideas to success. Because these products will help all living being. Previously, since its inception in 2003. He served as a Solution Architect. Delivery Manager. And Consultant in many organizations. He provided services at J.P. Morgan Chase, Walgreens. Bank of Montreal (BMO), Bridgestone. Federal Home Loan Bank. Sirius Computers and Solutions and Construction Company.

Nimesh Patel (IT, Consultant)

Nimesh Patel is a Sr. Consultant since 2013 to AiBi Technologies LLC. And previously known as an AiBi Solutions Inc. He is a true geek. Because he loves all the latest. And the greatest technologies. He loves to make use of it to the fullest. Nimesh oversees IT initiatives. And facilitates. Cross-company technology efforts. He is serious. A central figure in driving innovation. And developing proprietary. Technology across AiBi Technologies.

IT Consultant

Bshah is a Sr. Consultant to AiBi Technologies LLC. since 2019. He oversees cross-company IT Human Resources. Development planning. He also looks after branding. Development efforts in AiBi. Before he started transforming AiBi’s efforts. Mr Shah has been serving. Other organizations in the field of Frontend. And Backend development and architecture.

Natarajan Subbiah (Sr. Developer)

Natarajan Subbiah Sr. Developer AiBi Technologies LLC. since January 2021. He leads development projects for AiBi Technologies by providing in-depth development knowledge. Natarajan also provides methodologies to achieve unique functionalities for AiBi. 

Sasha Martynchuk (UX Consultant)

Sasha Martynchuk is a Sr. UI/UX consultant to AiBi since November 2019. He oversees the User. Experience part of designing. For AiBi’s product line products line. Because of his hard work and dedication. Sasha became a key resource in driving innovative designs across AiBi Technologies.

Shital Manjaria (UI UX - Consultant)

Shital Manjaria is a Sr. UI/UX. Consultant to AiBi since January 2020. She helps. AiBi transforms and/or build. New products from UI and UX standpoints. Shital looks after bringing a branding approach to AiBi. She is the main figure in bringing. The brand’s approach. And User Interface. User Experience to AiBis product design.